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713, building 3, future city, Max, Lane 99, Jiayong Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Heng Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a new Taiwanese Mr. Liu Jubing WELINK brand marketing headquarters in China.Company receives a perfect connection of the brand aims to continue to service and innovative management concept, providing our customers with quality electronic connector products. Heng Yi is a professional manufacturer and supplier of electronic connectors, enterprises have passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, companies rely on Taiwanese companies advanced production technology and strict quality control, for domestic power system and automation, industrial automation equipment, communications equipment , rail transportation, and other industries to provide the perfect transducer electronic connector products. Our main products are: PCB terminal blocks with plug, direct soldering terminal blocks, terminal gate plate, hole PLN and so on, while agents love Pu Ke Shi relay current terminal, inverter and other special terminals, the main product by the United States and Germany VDE UL safety certification and many other countries, and all meet the EU ROHS environmental directives. Heng Yi electronic professional technology, perfect quality, continuous service, providing customers with the best products and cost-effective total solution, our intention will bring you peace of mind and convenience, ready for you to create Hang Yi contribute greater value!

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